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Summertime Moisturiser

商品名 価格 個数  
Baldwins Almond (sweet) Base Oil 100ml
Baldwins Coconut Fractionated Base Oil 250ml
Baldwins Refined Shea Butter 120ml
Baldwins White Bees Wax 25g
Baldwins Vitamin E Base Oil 100ml
Baldwins Carrot Seed Essential Oil 5ml
Wide Mouth Jar Amber 60ml
PRICE : £37.11

Chemical-free and incredibly easy to make at home, this fragrant, skin-boosting sun cream can help keep you safe from the worst of the sun’s rays when used in conjunction with normal sun-safety procedures like using sunblock, staying out of the sun when it’s at its hottest, wearing a hat and re-applying regularly. It’s also great for hydrating dry and damaged skin.

Let the power of almond, coconut, vitamin E, shea butter and carrot seed help keep your skin moisturised and youthful-looking this summer!


1. Combine 20ml of Baldwins Sweet Almond Base Oil with 25ml of Baldwins Fractionated Coconut Base Oil, 10g of Baldwins White Bees Wax, two tablespoons each of Baldwins Vitamin E Base Oil and Baldwins Refined Shea Butter and five drops of Baldwins Carrot Seed Essential Oil in a clean, heatproof jar

2. Bring a pan of water to boil on medium heat

3. Carefully place the jar of ingredients in the boiling water, loosely resting the jar lid on top

4. As the ingredients start to melt, shake or stir the jar to mix thoroughly

5. Pour into small, cold jars and allow to set

6. Apply liberally before exposure to the sun to keep skin moisturised and healthy