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Breathing Conditions

Not everyone has to smoke like a chimney or suffer from conditions like asthma to experience difficulty breathing.

Airborne dust, pollen, vehicle pollution, congestion, allergic reactions and infections can all affect how we breathe, causing wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. People who live in cities are more likely to be affected due to increased levels of airborne particulate matter, but sensitive individuals can experience problems breathing when in contact with certain trees, plants and animals – or even the common cold.

Don’t fret – our homemade, 100% natural remedies are a breath of fresh air if you’re looking to alleviate the discomfort of mild breathing conditions.

Each recipe card gives you precise, easy-to-follow instructions on how to make the creams, ointments, inhalants, teas, tinctures, balms and tablets that can help alleviate the symptoms of mild pulmonary problems. We’ll also give you tips on what to do with your leftover herbs and oils, all of which can be used for treating a number of different ailments. In fact, why not get in touch and let us know what you use them for?