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Bladder Control / UTI

There’s no point being delicate about it – the majority of people will suffer from a UTI or some form of bladder incontinence at some point in their life. It can happen to anyone, and getting embarrassed and suffering in silence isn’t going to make it any better.

UTIs, or urinary tract infections, can be terribly uncomfortable. Symptoms include abdominal pain, the frequent urge to visit the lavatory and a painful burning sensation when passing urine. UTIs are usually caused by bacteria attacking any part of the urinary tract from the kidneys to the urethra, although the reason for the infection is unclear in most cases.

There are many culprits behind urinary incontinence, from childbirth-induced bladder weakness to poor fluid intake and constipation, and even UTIs. The likelihood of experiencing incontinence increases with age, and can have a great impact on confidence and quality of life.

If you’re suffering from a UTI or urinary incontinence but are uncomfortable about treating the condition with over-the-counter medicines, why not have a crack at making one of our all-natural remedies?

Each recipe card gives you precise, easy-to-follow instructions on how to make the creams, ointments, inhalants, teas, tinctures, balms and tablets that can help alleviate the symptoms of UTIs and bladder incontinence. We’ll also give you tips on what to do with your leftover herbs and oils, all of which can be used for treating a number of different ailments. In fact, why not get in touch and let us know what you use them for?