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Unless you’re a member of a 1950s American biker gang, oily, greasy hair is never a good look.

Natural oils produced by glands in the scalp can build up, making your locks lank and greasy – this can be a result of a high-fat or high-carbohydrate diet, certain chronic skin conditions, or even just not washing your hair for a while.

People with fine hair are more prone to developing oiliness, as they actually have more individual hairs than people with other hair types. This means more sebaceous glands in the scalp, and more grease!

Take back control of your greasy hair with one of our homemade, natural hair remedies.

Each recipe card gives you precise, easy-to-follow instructions on how to make the creams, ointments, inhalants, teas, tinctures, balms and tablets that can help you tame greasy, oily hair. We’ll also give you tips on what to do with your leftover herbs and oils, all of which can be used for treating a number of different ailments. In fact, why not get in touch and let us know what you use them for?