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Herbal Sun Balm

商品名 価格 個数  
Baldwins Coconut Fractionated Base Oil 250ml
Baldwins Carrot Seed Essential Oil 5ml
Baldwins Myrrh Essential Oil 5ml
Baldwins Lavender Floral Water 100ml
Aluminium Lip Balm Tin 15ml
PRICE : £33.23

Historical sun creams have been known to contain a whole range of nasties, and even modern commercial sunscreens and sun blocks often use unpleasant chemicals like retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone or PABA. If you’re after a soothing, chemical-free, all-natural remedy that could help protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, look no further!

Both myrrh and carrot seed essential oils have various beneficial effects on the skin, from aiding the healing of dry, cracked skin to reducing the symptoms of eczema and athlete’s foot. Combined with coconut oil and lavender, the resulting mixture could help keep the worst of the sun’s rays at bay whilst you’re out and about this summer.

Remember to reapply the Herbal Sun Balm regularly, and take other precautions against the sun. Avoid going out when the sun is at its hottest, and always wear a hat to protect your face and neck.


1. Mix three tablespoons of Baldwins Fractionated Coconut Base Oil with the same amount of Baldwins Lavender Floral Water

2. Add two drops each of Baldwins Myrrh Baldwins Carrot Seed Essential Oils

3. Rub generously onto skin before exposure to sun. Reapply regularly